Modeling of Spherical Tetrahedron Shaped Body Impact: Part 1 Impact Against Massive Plate

Ivan Altaparmakov


Simulations of spherical tetrahedron shaped body
for ball mill are made. The impact of spherical tetrahedron
shaped body against a plate was modeled via explicit Finite
Element Method. Distributions of Strain and Stress and Force
to time diagrams are obtained for three cases of impact. 1.
Impact of spherical tetrahedron spherical surface against a
plate. 2. Impact of spherical tetrahedron tip against a plate. 3.
Impact of spherical tetrahedron edge against a plate.
Conclusions about the workability of the spherical
tetrahedron shaped body are made.
PACS: 45.50.Tn, 83.50.-v, 89.20.Bb

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