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Dear readers,

Dear authors and friends,


This is the second issue of the Scientific Journal KSI Transaction on Knowledge Society for 2015, dedicated to the different aspects of the Economic, Finance Management and International Relations and Geopolitics.


Modern world is a complex, dynamic and rather unpredictable system that we try to unravel in scientific manner any aspects of this. Our developments on current trends and today’s phenomenon may provide us with answers, but also may open new fields for further scientific researches.


One of the most inspirational quotes about science is from Marie Curie – “Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less”.


Every scientific work development presented to the general public in fact contributes to know and understand more, so we can be more adaptive and flexible to the current requirements and challenges.


We, as an International Editorial Board, have an ambitious goal – to provide an opportunity for presentation for every young scientist and also for colleagues with undisputed scientific experience to publish in our magazine on the topics of different aspects of modern world development. We do believe that in global world working together is not another good quote, but also a tool that we can use in order to secure more understanding.


Today we are all witnesses of unprecedented economic, financial and geopolitical events. Unlike other people, we as scientists, we are obliged to explain these phenomena. So, the floor is yours! 


Kind regards of all our readers!


International Editorial Board

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